I was introduced to Petr Nosek by a mutual former colleague, and we co-founded the project „Anglicky za 3 měsíce“ (English in 3 months), and later he joined the Langino company. At first, I got to know him as a specialist in online and offline marketing and a businessman, which is a field in which, in my opinion, he has a lot of experience. This is reflected in comprehensive customer care, effective acquisition of new clients, and long-term sustainable results.

Later, his position naturally shifted to process management and data analysis, CRM implementation, website creation, etc., which is an area where he can excellently utilize his broad IT knowledge.

Our cooperation went flawlessly in all respects due to his professionalism, but also excellent communication skills. In addition to the above, his great advantage is the integration of multiple fields together and the ability to quickly orientate in new situations and a very fast learning ability.