Our paths first crossed at an educational event at HUB Brno, where Petr caught my attention with his speech, charisma, and ability to communicate. I realized that he could be beneficial for the development of our company. The cooperation primarily focused on improving business communication. Petr’s approach and knowledge soon inspired us to deepen our cooperation, which gradually expanded to include IT skills, photo editing and video creation, innovative ideas for marketing strategy, and the development of new web and e-shop pages.

Our cooperation with Petr is extraordinarily successful. His speed, willingness, and inspiring approach exceed our expectations. When solving tasks, he seeks not only efficient solutions but also strives to ensure that the result is more than 100% fulfillment of the assignment.

Petr is a person I can recommend without hesitation. Trust in his reliability and ability to not only complete a task but also find an optimal solution is one of the main reasons why we value his work so much. With Petr, you can expect your projects to be carried out at the highest possible level, considering your budget, and with creativity that truly brings your ideas to life.